Our Story - The Sognatore New York

Our first photo shoot for our first collection launch in 2018.

Our first photo shoot for our first collection launch in 2018.


It all started when…

“Music is art, and making watches is art too” J Balvin

Sognatore in Italian meaning ‘dream chaser’ is a brand pegged on art to complete perfection. Founded in New York by Joanne Wang in 2017, it’s inspired by passion for the diverse fashion industry and the love for natural element marbles.

In  2015, as an intern at Roger Vivier, our founder Joanne Wang felt there was a niche in the Fashion Industry after receiving several product declines. It became her dream to make significant milestones in advancing the fashion market despite the negative forces. Joanne got a glimpse of the runway collection which set the stage for her new venture through her experience in New York Fashion Week, Met Gala and Paris Fashion Presentation . 2 years later, Joanne has built her own fashion accessory brand to revolutionize the industry and also prove to the world that it is never too late to dream big and go after it. For her, the billion dollar question that has been the driving force is “what if it doesn't come true? Ah, but what if it does”. It’s never too late to accomplish ones dreams. You only need to focus.