More Information

Do you have any retail locations?

Please kindly email our customer service at for the latest information on store locations.

How do I become Sognatore reseller? Do you have any authorized resellers?

While we appreciate that you want to be a reseller of Sognatore, we do not currently have any reseller or wholesale program. We are surly looking into this to bring Sognatore to more countries. Please email us at and we may get back to you soon with our business team in this adventure!

How can I collaborate with Sognatore on social media?

We really appreciated your love and we would love to share this to our beloved customers too! Simply email us at to start collaborating with us on amazing contents!

How long will customer service get back to me?

For all email or website message request, our angels will try our best to reply in 24 hours, and we will try out best to get back to you in 48 hours the most! Please feel free to send us an email or message if there's any questions!