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“Music is art, and making watches is art too” J Balvin

Sognatore in Italian meaning ‘dream chaser’ is a brand pegged on art to complete perfection. Founded in New York by Joanne Wang in 2017, it’s inspired by passion for the diverse fashion industry and the love for natural element marbles. This is also our philosophy to bring the best to our customers (our dreamers!)

We welcome all forms of questions and situations if you may have during your experience with us. Please kindly email us at anytime by using the following form or directly email us at

*We promise to answers in return within 48 hours of message received.

*We do not have a direct line for immediate customer service help at this stage, please kindly email us anytime with your questions about us!

We have also created a FAQ at the end of our webpage which covers most of the questions you may have regarding our brand, our product and your shopping journey with us. Please kindly check our FAQ for more information!


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