Introducing Marble And Pure


Inspired by the uniqueness of the marble, Joanne’s marble element watch collection is the brand’s signature collection which made of style and class.

Like all marbles, the products are unique and irresistible. The watches are of premium quality and affordable prices. It’s not only a time-piece but also an accessory that makes you stand out. Additionally, Joanne and her design team, have traveled around Italy Florence to find the perfect leather and marble to create this modern minimalistic watch.

Their determination to use the best Swiss brand watch movement to present the best quality to customers has transformed the industry.

The brand vision is to deliver the best quality to customer at cost-effective prices. It is sophisticated and solid.

For Sognatore, value is more experience than price; it is never compromised to ensure our quality standard is always high.

The products are available in a variety of color concepts such as black/ white/ rose gold/ silver/ marble print.

Sognatore is clean and monotone focused. It fulfills your desire to wear fashionable, stylish and trendy accessories. Sognatore is your ultimate partner when trying to make a statement through fashion. As we know, fashion and style is a way of expressing yourself without having to speak. We as a brand is also aimed at breaking the prospective of standard Asian stereotype and make it known that you can achieve anything you set your mind to, if you are brave enough to go after it.

These high quality luxury brand accessories are also suitable for any event whether formal or informal and stylish for an everyday look as it compliments any outfit one chooses to wear.

Joanne Wang’s background as a designer has been instrumental in ensuring the brand succeeds. Her watch collection is likewise inspired by the durability, architecture and attractiveness similar to the uniqueness of marble. The level of creativity and art that has designed the watches is exquisite.

Sognatore is Made to Ultimate perfection.

Nicholas Wong